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My Search for True Gelato, Part 2 — Gelato Classico

August 25, 2008

When my sister is home, whether during the summer or the winter, one of our favorite things to do is go for a “gelato run.” A couple weeks ago, she suggested we try a gelato place in downtown Campbell that she had heard about called Gelato Classico. So, of course, we had to try their gelato to see how it compares to Dolce Spazio.

Gelato Classico is located in the thick of downtown Campbell. There are couches inside where you can sink into the cushions while you savor every bite of your gelato and watch part of the game on one of their mounted big screens. The doors are propped open, big cases of exotic flavors of gelato on display to tempt anyone passing by.

The enticing flavors offered by Gelato Classico are made by the company of the same name, whose gelato flavors range from the traditional and classic to the exotic and unimaginable. Most of the flavors found in this downtown shop can be purchased in a convenient “movie night at home” pint size from Trader Joe’s or Costco. In spite of their mass production, Gelato Classico is, surprisingly, the most similar American gelato to Italian gelato. Their flavors are ones you could find in nearly any gelateria in Italy–tiramisu, cioccolato, pistacchio, spumoni, fragole. The consistency of the gelato is perfectly smooth–no large granulars of sugar in this gelato!

Cioccolato & Tiramisu gelato

My favorite combination of flavors is the cioccolato and the tiramisu. The cioccolato is fdark and rich, and the tiramisu captures every nuance in the classic Italian dessert–chocolate, coffee, cream, with small bites of coffee-drenched lady fingers. This is American gelato at its finest.

Verdict: The gelato is exquisitely delicious and reminiscent of the gelato found in gelaterie in Italy. Unfortunately, the atmosphere doesn’t fit with the enjoyment of the gelato. Downtown Campbell is too busy and noisy with the nearby restaurants and the large TVs do not promote the small-town feel that I believe should accompany a treat of gelato. Go for the gelato, but maybe take it with you as you walk rather than sitting on one of their couches or outdoor tables.

Gelato Classico

191 E. Campbell Ave.

Campbell, CA 95008

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